AbTaq Genotyping Kit (HotStart)


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    Product Description

    Genotyping Results in Four Steps

    Lyse Tissue

    Prepare any tissue for genotyping in twenty minutes with a single pipetting step

    Add to Mix

    Add the lysate directly to the 2x PCR cocktail containing your primers

    Load on Gel

    When the PCR run is done, simply pipette the mix into the agarose gel


    Visualise Results

    Genotyping results from different tissue samples (tail, toe, ear and heart)Fig 1. Genotyping results from different tissue samples. Different tissue organs of mouse were processed using the AbTaq Genotyping Kit with the four-step process of lysis, PCR amplification, agarose gel electrophoresis, followed by imaging. DNA fragments of 0.2 kb were successfully amplified from tail, toe, ear and heart tissues.

    Powered by our 2x AbTaq Master Mix

    Ready to Use

    Simply add the lysate directly to our 2x PCR Cocktail with no neutralisation step required. 

    Ready to Load

    Once the PCR run is completed, the mix can be directly loaded into the gel without needing to add DNA loading buffer.

    Easy to See

    Never lose track of your sample.
    The mix's bright colour serves as a visual aid during gel loading.

    We tested the genotyping kit using a mouse strain that always gave us weak bands for genotyping. In comparison with our current kit, your kit is more convenient with one single mix and  is more sensitive. It gave us a clearer/brighter band! 

    Dr B. • Senior Research Fellow at A*STAR
    Product Overview

    The AbTaq Genotyping kit is designed to minimize handling, time and materials required to perform genotyping. Save time, minimize processing and maximise output.

    The kit consists of 2 components:
    (i) Genotyping Lysis Buffer that allows DNA template preparation in a single pipetting step,
    (ii) AbTaq 2x Master Mix conveniently formulated to facilitate PCR-based amplification and subsequent direct gel-loading.

    With less steps needed to prepare and analyse DNA samples, the AbTaq Genotyping kit enables a simple, fast and cost-efficient way to amplify DNA fragments from various sources.

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