Anti-p53 antibody (FPS392, BSA-Free)

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    The tumor suppressor p53 plays a critical role in cellular anticancer defence by inducing cell cycle arrest or apoptosis upon DNA damage or pyrimidine nucleotide starvation. Its upregulation in response to stress signals leads to the transcriptional activation of genes like p21waf1, involved in cell cycle progression, and Bcl-2, involved in apoptosis. Structurally, p53 comprises an N-terminal transactivation, central DNA-binding, oligomerization, and C-terminal regulatory domains. Phosphorylation, particularly at Ser15, is pivotal for p53 activation and stability.

    This antibody recognizes human p53 tumour suppressor protein phosphorylated at CKII site (Ser 392).

    References: Budanov, Andrei V. Sub-cellular biochemistry vol. 85 (2014): 337-58.

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    Alternative names: PhosphoSer392, p53, TP53