Anti-AGR3 antibody (AGR3.2, BSA-Free)

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    AGR3, also known as Anterior Gradient Homolog 3 or Breast Cancer Membrane Protein 11 is a secreted cytoplasmic protein which is involved in metastasis induction and p53 tumour supressor inhibition. AGR3 correlates positively with estrogen receptor expression and negatively with EGF receptor expression in breast cancer. It is expressed in nearly three-quarters of breast cancer cells, making it a promising therapeutic target. Functioning as a disulfide isomerase in the ER, AGR3 catalyzes protein folding. It's found in ciliated airway epithelial cells and influences ciliary beat frequency in mice. Additionally, AGR3 is overexpressed in breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers, suggesting its involvement in tumorigenesis across various tissues.

    This antibody recognizes the epitope QYSQALKKV within the AGR3 protein.

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    Ye, Rui, Cuihong Wang, and Shuang Bai. Frontiers in Pharmacology 12 (2021): 669403.

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    Alternative names: AG3, anterior gradient 3