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Happy Lunar New Year

To usher in the Year of the Dragon, we are offering 20% off any item found in our shop.

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Special Offer 2

Our 2x AbTaq Master Mix for endpoint PCR is so awesome, we think that everyone should give it a try. 

So we figured, why not double the love?

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On Our 2x AbTaq Master Mix

This 2x master mix is powered by our hot start AbTaq 2.0 Polymerase and is suitable for end point PCR.

The mix comes prepared with loading dye and an orange dye to help with visualisation. Your sample is ready to load onto an agarose gel once the PCR reaction is done.

Get one tube FREE with every tube of 2x AbTaq Master Mix purchased using code "2XABTAQ".

This offer is valid until 31 Mar 2024.

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June 2023

🎁 #NewLook Giveaway Winner! 🎁

We are thrilled to announce the lucky winner of our #NewLook giveaway.

🏅Congratulations to Mr Tan Kwan Yan from BTI, A*STAR! 🏅

He has won our AbTaq Genotyping Kit (HotStart) for 1000 reactions. 

Kwan Yan can look forward to enjoying cost-savings on his genotyping reactions, achieving the same results with less hands-on time and reagents needed!

Congrats once again, Kwan Yan!

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