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AbScript 3.0 Reverse Transcriptase

Our best seller with over 53 million units sold! Enjoy high quality, reliable cDNA synthesis for your RT, and qRT-PCR reactions.


AbTaq 2.0 Polymerase

The workhorse of our PCR master mixes, AbTaq is an engineered Taq-based DNA polymerase. With fast extension speeds and hot start function, AbTaq is suitable for dye-based and TaqMan assays. 


StarTaq Polymerase

A recombinant Taq polymerase suitable for everyday PCR use. Great value for money. Suitable for dye and probe-based assays.


RNaseRIP Ribonuclease Inhibitor

Keep your RNA protected even in reactions at 60 and with little to NO DTT present using our engineered RNaseRIP.


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June 2023

🎁 #NewLook Giveaway Winner! 🎁

We are thrilled to announce the lucky winner of our #NewLook giveaway.

🏅Congratulations to Mr Tan Kwan Yan from BTI, A*STAR! 🏅

He has won our AbTaq Genotyping Kit (HotStart) for 1000 reactions. 

Kwan Yan can look forward to enjoying cost-savings on his genotyping reactions, achieving the same results with less hands-on time and reagents needed!

Congrats once again, Kwan Yan!

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