Have you ever wondered about our choice of logo?
Hint: It's not a hummingbird

When we were starting AbAsia, we wanted to pick a logo that would best represent Singapore.

In 2002, the male Crimson Sunbird was officially elected the national bird of Singapore by the Nature Society (Singapore) for being a "bright red dot making its presence felt in a larger world" (1). This plaudit resonated with us because here at AbAsia, we likewise strive towards making our mark on the global stage 🌏. This made the Sunbird an easy choice for our logo.

Science also says that looking at our logo will make you feel better (2). Improve your mental health now by following our LinkedIn page or browsing our website😉

P.S. Fun fact! 🤓 Sunbirds are not related to hummingbirds despite their similarity in size and preference for nectar feeding. Sunbirds are closer cousins to swallows and martins and tend to stand when feeding instead of hovering.
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(1) Nature Society Singapore article - http://ow.ly/RIrG50LUMvW
(2) Scientific Reports article on the effect of birds on mental well-being - http://ow.ly/mgQ750LUMwh.
(3) Photo credit to Francis Yap at the Singapore Birds Project page - http://ow.ly/KHi550LULAg

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