ASPIRE - AbAsia BioLabs' Launch Event
15 November 2022 @ Matrix

Thank you for joining us at ASPIRE - our launch event on Tuesday! We loved seeing everyone there in person. 🤩

We had a fabulous time with all the entertaining and informative talks. 🎤 
We learnt about:
✨ the genesis of AbAsia during the height of the COVID pandemic 
✨ cool and innovative new enzymes that protein engineering can generate,  
the relationship between antibodies and histopathlogy, as well as the stunning fact that hybridomas (the key to obtaining antibodies) were not considered patentable, 
✨ how a few black bands on a white background can result in groundbreaking discoveries but also really expensive controversy, 
✨ how antibody engineering can result in novel antibodies for one-step assays,
✨ how we are a manufacturer of high-quality, innovative reagents that will help your research soar🦅.

A huge THANK YOU to our outstanding speakers and fantastic team - our launch event was made possible because of you! ❤️🍾

Let's continue to #supportlocal and put Singapore on the global reagents map!

Make AbAsia your first stop for reagents or protein expression services. 💪.

Photo credit: Kostas Vavitsas, WanJin Hong, AbAsia BioLabs

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